Ahead of the celebration of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day this Saturday, we would like to share with you some thoughts on the importance of compassion as part of palliative care.


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Palliative Care: Experience and Compassion

Palliative care is a complex service where the medical support is as important as the emotional one. The organisations working in the health and social care sector do not only need to focus on providing expert care but also on extending a compassionate feeling among staff to be able to individualise each experience.

As the needs and preferences of each patient are unique, having experienced staff provides a more tailored care that ensures best possible services are provided to each patient. When thinking of the emotional side, showing compassion positively impacts the mental health and wellbeing of patients by creating a safe environment where understanding and tenderness are of high value.

Experience and compassion are vital elements in providing qualitative care as they improve the overall quality of life of each patient. At the same time, this helps to honour each of their journeys with warmth, respect and dignity.


Our approach to compassionate palliative care

With 30 years of experience in providing palliative care, Askham continues seeing compassion as a vital element of our care services. Palliative care means treating residents with the utmost respect and compassion whilst offering expert care and this is what we always strive to abide to.

In everything that we do, we try to bring together the personal experience within a compassionate environment and that speaks of the values promoted in our organisation. For us compassion does not only mean offering the support each of our residents needs but it also speaks of the level of privacy given to residents, the prioritisation of their preferences and the decisions which are made after consulting with our specialists and their families and which are taken in their best interest. By prioritising compassion, we make sure we offer a holistic experience where all parties are involved: the resident, their family and our experienced specialists.


Providing tailored care: Gold Standards Framework

As part of our palliative care package, a high priority for us remains to have experienced staff who look after our residents whilst valuing their preferences and wishes. As a consequence, our specialist team is always connected to the digital care management system called Nourish to ensure that the preferences and needs of all residents are noted down, taken care of and modified accordingly. This approach does not only help us stay ahead of any change that may occur but it also prioritises respect and compassion as part of each resident’s journey.

As we make sure to offer specialised services with the utmost respect and compassion, we are proud to say that we are awarded the Gold Standards Framework which emphasises the excellent quality of care offered by our organisation. The Gold Standards Framework analyses how individuals in care homes are looked after, as well as how their preferences are well respected for before and after death.

The accreditation that we have and aim to maintain is a confirmation of how Askham puts a lot of value on both experience and compassion. At the same time, having this accreditation determines us to continue our efforts in improving our services by promoting values such as compassion and respect.


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