Acute and Chronic Respiratory Disease

Set in the stunning seven acres in Cambridgeshire, Askham Village Community’s Acute and Chronic Respiratory disease services include the assistance in the provisions of oxygen therapy when prescribed and to monitor effects

Respiratory disease is the term for diseases of the respiratory system. These include diseases of the lung, pleural cavity, bronchial tubes, trachea, upper respiratory tract and of the nerves and muscles of breathing. Respiratory diseases range from mild and self-limiting such as the common cold to life-threatening such as bacterial pneumonia or pulmonary embolism.

Askham Village Community staff are trained to assist residents to manage symptoms of Acute and Chronic Respiratory Disease and in the provisions of oxygen therapy when prescribed and to monitor effects. Influenza vaccinations are offered annually to those who elect to have it.

Our staff work closely with the residents’ General Practitioner in the administration of medication. Rest assured that your loved one, friend or relative is getting the best care possible, fully coordinated to ensure follow-up care is appropriate.

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