Life at Askham Village Community

At Askham Village Community we believe life is for living, so our facility has been purposefully set up to maximise the opportunities to enjoy it to the fullest! Both residents and the public can come to Askham and make the most of what we have together in an open public environment. Interaction with the community is essential and we encourage this at Askham.

AVC Training

AVC Training is part of Askham Village Community. 

AVC Training is a purpose built, state of the art training facility seeking to support learning and development. We offer mandatory and specialist courses for Health and Social care which are reviewed by our rigorous quality assurance team and are updated regularly. We will endeavour, wherever possible, to tailor your learning experience to your own operating environments and our staff are happy to discuss individual training requirements.

Askham Café

Open Monday to Friday – 9am to 3pm 

The  unique environment of the Askham Village Community Café, is rapidly becoming a hub for all social interaction! Used by both the residents and their family/friends; whilst staff can also take time out to just relax and mix with others. In Spring, Summer and Autumn, the Café is extended into the sheltered courtyard where residents, staff and visitors bask in the warmth of the sun, enjoy the litany of colours and differential gardens that are fast becoming an attraction in themselves.


  • Enjoy a Fairtrade Coffee and a selection of tasty snacks

Askham Activities

Here at Askham Village Community we work towards offering our residents as many activities as possible so they feel engaged and happy. Our residents can choose from a variety of activities in which they can participate. From crafts, puzzles and drawing to cooking clubs, knitting clubs and music clubs, our residents have the chance to pursue their hobbies or to discover new ones. As well as having regular clubs and activities that take place on a weekly basis, the Activities team work towards ensuring the residents are engaged in many diverse activities, depending on the period of the year or on the national or international days.

For more pictures from our activities, please check our Askham Activities page.

Askham World Gardens

Here at Askham Village Community we understand the importance of a peaceful environment. Whether you prefer to follow meandering paths, or sit quietly at your window and watch the butterflies, the Askham Gardens bring a sense of relaxation that can not be achieved through any other means.

Inspired by eastern philosophies, the gardens  bring together sounds, smells and sights to generate a sensory experience that calms and warms all who pass through. In the words of the Aga Khan IV, ‘…gardens are a place where, whatever difficult moments come our way, we can always find, in the flow of refreshing water, a reminder of … blessing’.

The central courtyard is Askham’s very own char bagh, quadrants separated by streams of water running towards a central fountain thereby representing aspects of what some believe to have been present in the gardens of paradise.

The studies behind horticultural therapy suggest that quality of life is increased manifold with proximity to nature. At Askham the interaction between buildings, people, and the gardens is based on this same thinking. The gardens are open to the public as well as all being enjoyed by all members of the Askham Community. In the quiet serenity you may hear Residents, their families and friends and staff chit chatting, enjoying the expanse of the courtyard or simply trying to work out which plant comes from where?

When the weather permits, the landscaped gardens become an extension to the café.


Download a copy of our Service User Guide including our Terms and Conditions of Residency