Rehabilitation at Askham Village Community

At Askham Village Community we recognise that rehabilitation is a practice that must incorporate and support human values and compassion to be a success. It is a process that does not just end with a wave goodbye but by seeing someone home safely to their front door.

Our specialist team of professionals will work together with you to identify and articulate your goals – and then will stay with you every step of the way towards the achievement of these goals. Whether it is maintenance and stabilisation that you need, outpatient input, or goal-focused inpatient rehab – a bespoke package can be designed to meet your needs.

If your goal is to move home, our therapists will join you all the way to your home, and indeed support you once you are there if that is what you would like; equally if your goal is to apply your own make up our therapists will ensure you not only manage to apply it but that the colours and you apply are exactly what you choose.

Askham Rehab, pioneering robotics based rehabilitation

Askham Rehab is the newest facility offered by Askham Village Community. We are now able to deliver pioneering robotics expertise as part of our rehabilitation offering. The launch of Askham Rehab brings together all our rehabilitation services, but it is also now incorporating cutting-edge robotics and sensor assisted technology. For more information regarding the services provided by Askham Rehab, please visit our website

Askham Place

Specialisms include: Nursing Care, MS, Huntingtons
Services include: Respite Care, Residential Care, Nursing Care 

Askham Place is a purpose built specialist Care Home. Having been designed in close consultation with the intended client group we have ensured that all facilities provide for and enhance the quality of life of each resident whether for respite, rehabilitation or for continuing/long term care.

A registered Care Home with excellent Nursing, that provides specialist and continuing care for the young physically disabled requiring professional support within an independent living environment.

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Askham Court

Specialisms include: Nursing Care, Spinal Cord Injury, Acquired Brain Injury
Services include: Respite Care, Residential Care, Nursing Care 

Askham Court is a Level 2 Specialist Neuro Rehab Unit focusing on getting the client back to work or home as soon as practicable. Here we specialise in Level 2 neurological conditions and are particularly suited to supporting dual diagnosis. Askham Court was awarded the prestigious 2012 Pinders National Design Award for Buildings for Young Adults with Physical Challenges and we are Headway accredited. Clients with Spinal Cord or Acquired Brain Injury are generally taken care of in coordination with their neuro-/physio- surgeon or specialist.

We look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs – Contact Us

Askham Grove

Specialisms will include: Acquired Brain Injury

Services will include: Respite Care, Residential Care, Nursing Care 

Askham Grove is a Level 2 Specialist Neuro Rehab Unit and has been specifically designed to assist our residents to live as independently as possible following traumatic injury or amputation.
Designed to meet both intense, goal focused and slow-stream maintenance needs, Askham Grove welcomes people looking for a fixed term, bespoke rehabilitation programme, as well as people with long term neurological needs causing physical disability.
At Askham Grove, our residents work hard towards achieving their goals. This means different things for different people and so, we ensure the very best in personalised care to support their progress.

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Askham Grove was a finalist in 2019 of the Pinders Design Awards.

Please contact us for the latest compliance details including the most recent correspondence with CQC.

At Askham, we accept referrals from the NHS as well as from Private Case Managers. All rehabilitation is based on a continuous dialogue between you, your relatives or friends, your funders and our MDT. As you change, your goals and your input will change and Askham Village Community understand the effects this has on recovery times.

Askham Village Community proudly is a Headway Corporate Member.

Download a copy of our Service User Guide including our Terms and Conditions of Residency