Askham Court

A purpose-built home for young adults with long-term, complex neurological conditions

Set in the stunning seven acres in Cambridgeshire, Askham Court is one of the five specialist care homes specialised in Spinal Cord Injury and Acquired Brain Injury

Askham Court is set in Cambridgeshire and is specialised in Spinal Cord Injury and in Acquired Brain Injury. Askham Court is a Level 2 Specialist Neuro Rehab Unit, purpose-built, not just as a state-of-the-art neuro facility but as a dedicated, positive environment for adults who have complex needs but seek to maintain as much independence as possible.

All rooms are en-suite and have overhead tracking to help support the independence and mobility of our residents. Private access to all rooms promotes a sense of independence which is essential for adults during a rehabilitation period. Featuring extra-wide doorways and large open spaces throughout, the building is designed with your needs in mind.

Because your comfort and happiness is our priority, day visits and short stays are welcomed to help decide if Askham Court is the place for you or your loved one. We support those with highly complex physical disability needs, and/or complex cognitive and behavioural needs, all of our residents have access to our on-site multi-disciplinary team.

They offer a range of therapies including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Psychology. Our specialist, experienced staff are trained to support people whose primary needs include tracheostomy/ventilation, complex spasticity, prolonged disorders of consciousness, and who require specialist medical and complex therapy interventions. In addition, patients whose primary needs are for moderately severe cognitive and behavioural management are also welcome here at Askham Court.

Askham Court was awarded the prestigious 2012 Pinders National Design Award for Buildings for Young Adults with Physical Challenges and we are Headway accredited.

Pinders Design Awards

Askham Rehab, pioneering robotics based rehabilitation

Askham Rehab is the newest facility offered by Askham Village Community. We are now able to deliver pioneering robotics expertise as part of our rehabilitation offering. The launch of Askham Rehab brings together all our rehabilitation services, but it is also now incorporating cutting-edge robotics and sensor assisted technology. For more information regarding the services provided by Askham Rehab, please visit our website

Services and facilities included in your stay at Askham Court, one of our five special care homes established in the Cambridgeshire area:


Respite Care

Residential Care

Nursing and Care Team


Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury Cambridgeshire



Neurological Psychology


Neurological Rehab Consultant

Occupational therapies


Speech and Language Therapy

Staff trained in complex cases


12 en-suite rooms

Tracheostomy capable

Accessible kitchen facilities

Support services

Spinal Cord Injury Cambridgeshire

Askham Court is a Level 2 Specialist Neuro Rehab Unit focusing on getting the client back to work or home as soon as practicable. Here we specialise in Level 2 neurological conditions and are particularly suited to supporting dual diagnosis. Askham Court was awarded the prestigious 2012 Pinders National Design Award for Buildings for Young Adults with Physical Challenges and we are Headway accredited. Clients with Spinal Cord or Acquired Brain Injury are generally taken care of in coordination with their neuro-/physio- surgeon or specialist.

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“The value of accreditation goes beyond a competitive distinction from other service providers. It demonstrates commitment to continuous service improvement and ensuring a workforce trained and skilled in working with individuals with brain injury.”

Headway - the brain injury association

Please contact us for the latest compliance details including the most recent correspondence with CQC.

At Askham, we accept referrals from the NHS as well as from Private Case Managers. All rehabilitation is based on a continuous dialogue between you, your relatives or friends, your funders and our MDT. As you change, your goals and your input will change and Askham Village Community understand the effects this has on recovery times.

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