Excellence is a way of life at Askham Village Community

Askham Village Community recognises excellence in care as something that goes beyond the norms of accepted practice and towards our pride in achieving a ‘best-in-class’ rating in every aspect of our business.

Top quality clinical care can only be achieved through effective training and the continuous development of our staff and modern techniques across all care disciplines. Incorporating that approach within a regulated and enhanced Askham Training Programme provides a benchmark for the excellence that our personal care staff deliver.

We pride ourselves on five key principles:

  • We are a community: We value each other and we all have a responsibility to look out for each other’s safety and well being
  • We believe in empowerment: We recognise that we all have a positive contribution to make and encourage each other to reach their full potential through a full and active life
  • We respect each other: We acknowledge that we all have our own personal, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs; and that these may vary over time
  • We prioritise personal dignity: We do not compromise on an individual’s right to live a dignified life of enjoyment, self determination; recognising their need for privacy and choice
  • We value quality: We provide for more than the basic needs; with attention to detail in all aspects of life at Askham

The ethos set out above is extended into a more detailed charter which all staff, residents and visiting professionals sign up to. It incorporates all the aspects of the Social Care Commitment promise Askham Village Community has signed up to.

Askham Rehab, pioneering robotics based rehabilitation

Askham Rehab is the newest facility offered by Askham Village Community. We are now able to deliver pioneering robotics expertise as part of our rehabilitation offering. The launch of Askham Rehab brings together all our rehabilitation services, but it is also now incorporating cutting-edge robotics and sensor assisted technology. For more information regarding the services provided by Askham Rehab, please visit our website www.askhamrehab.com

What people are saying about Askham

“Dear Deborah and All the staff, James and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful nursing care you gave to Charles during his short stay at Askham Hall. Your help and consideration not only to him but to us as well were fantastic in his last few weeks of life. Our thanks to you all.”
“To All the Staff at Askham Hall, Just a little note to say a heartfelt thank you for all the care and kindness you have shown to Syd. We know he was very happy and enjoyed all the activities, especially anything musical. He loved nothing better than a good old sing-song.”


“Thank you for your loving, caring and the dignity my husband Leslie Medlock received during his last few days of his life. I will always be truly grateful to each and every member of the staff at Askham House.”
“To all of you who helped look after me, Thank you so much. I will always remember you all. As with someone like me, it is burned into my memory forever.”


“To Everyone at the Court, Thank you for all your support and help to Arvind. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you.”


“To All the Staff at Askham Court, We just wanted to say a big, ‘Thank you’ to you all. For caring for my husband Mervin during the time he stayed with you.”
“Thank you to you all who have taken care of Dave over the past year. We appreciate the care and understanding you have shown toward him. And thank you for your patience whilst caring for him. Many thanks.”
“To all members of the Physiotherapy team, Thank you so much for all of your help. Without all the progress you have managed with me I wouldn’t be going home. When I first came to Askham I couldn’t move due to having had a stroke, I couldn’t do much for myself. I was only able to shave and clean my teeth. I made a lot of progress in those first few weeks. I am pretty much independent now. Thank you all.”

Listening is such an important part of the day to day at Askham. We like to hear from all members of the Askham Community about what we are doing well as well as what we need to improve. You can speak to any member of the team or you can email us with your input.

We take seriously the views of external professionals and actively seek feedback on all aspects of our work. We have been recognised for the design of our facilities, as well as our food provision; however most importantly for us we have obtained the Investors in People accreditation for over 15 years.

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