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It’s official! We’re going to have the Askham Summer Fayre in July!

We invite all stall holders to participate in this community event, as we have many surprises yet to be announced!

For more details, please visit our Facebook page.

Past Events

Askham Activities

Askham Activities

Here at Askham Village Community we work towards offering our residents as many activities as possible so they feel engaged and happy. Our residents can choose from a variety of activities in which they can participate. From crafts, puzzles and drawing to cooking clubs, knitting clubs and music clubs, our residents have the chance to pursue their hobbies or to discover new ones. As well as having regular clubs and activities that take place on a weekly basis, the Activities team work towards ensuring the residents are engaged in many diverse activities, depending on the period of the year or on the national or international days. Our residents are used to prepare for important days such as Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. While decorating the homes, they can also enjoy treats and beverages. Not to forget about the surprises prepared for our residents such as the barbeques done in the summer season or the visits of live bands or of pets or children from other institutions from the neighbourhood.

Our Activities team is busy throughout the year and they ensure our residents don’t get bored easily. The most important part is that for some of these activities residents receive prizes or certificates, as it happened with the Askham Olympics. We also created a tradition around Askham to decorate the homes for the festive season and then award a home for their decorations.

The activities across Askham are a way to make the residents engage with each other but also to let the residents and our staff collaborate and have a lot of fun, as our staff is usually very quickly getting engaged in all their activities!

If you want to see our latest activities, follow us on Facebook where we post a lot of images with the weekly activities! Please also find below just a small selection of the images we have taken over time of some of our activities.

Our Activities in Pictures

Feeding our neighbours

International Youth Day

St George’s Day

Time Capsule – our care and rehab community has buried a time capsule in its grounds that contains items and stories from the coronavirus pandemic, enabling people in 2046 to acknowledge and reflect on a challenging period for the social care sector.

Askham Cultural Day 2021

VE Day