Walk into any elderly care home, and you are bound to find someone holding a pair of knitting needles, in deep concentration, skilfully making a warming creation. If you walked into Askham last month you will have seen many residents knitting away, alongside students from Oliver Cromwell!

Over recent months, knitting has become a bit of a craze at Askham Hall and Askham House, with over half of our residents working exceptionally hard to put together a lovely patchwork blanket for the RSPCA to use come winter. Having a sense of purpose has transformed the outlook of many of those participating; being able to physically and visibly contribute to this shared goal has affected a mindset change among many.

Enter the work experience students. A group of motivated, gentle, eager teenagers working alongside the staff here at Askham for a week. A breath of fresh air for many of our residents, this week was as much a learning experience for the students as it was an eye opener for all of us.

It was amazing to bring together people with a difference in age of over sixty years! It was so fun, and during their time here the students enriched the community here at Askham.


Activities Co-ordinator at Askham

‘Community’ is one of the principles Askham was founded upon – in recognition of the happiness that can derive not only being part of something bigger than oneself but also sharing and enjoying moments with diverse people- diverse in age, background, culture, hobbies – and more. We rarely experience the energy of the student population at Askham and we loved every moment. – thank you to the students and all at Oliver Cromwell who made this happen. Please come back!

I never was interested in learning how to knit, and I never thought I would enjoy it, however I was surprised when I actually really liked it. I was happy that I had learnt a new skill. My favourite activity [while on work experience at Askham] was knitting with both of the Margarets. Thank you so much.


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Askham offers specialist nursing and rehabilitation services for adults and the elderly. Across five homes, Askham is home to over a hundred people who are with us permanently or for a short period to help regain independence and function. There is also on site staff accommodation, AVC training centre, Askham head office, and conference facilities. For more: www.askhamvillagecommunity.com or follow us on Facebook.