At our Cambridgeshire care home, we are continuing our efforts to clean up our carbon act by installing electric car charging ports on our premises. This new initiative forms part of our plan to reduce our carbon footprint and promote green energy.


Keep reading to find out more about our newest addition when it comes to our sustainability goals:


A positive step forward: new electric charging points

Two years ago we started making significant strides towards becoming more sustainable when we built our own solar field.

This year, we have continued our strategy towards promoting green energy across Askham with the installation of the new charging ports. This will now allow visitors and staff to charge their electric vehicles while being at Askham. For all of us this is a positive step towards promoting the use of eco-friendly transport and reducing carbon emissions.


Our Solar Field

Since its installation in 2021, Askham’s 150kW Solar Photovoltaic System has enabled us to offset a large proportion of our daytime electrical consumption — with our care community projected to save as much as 800,000 kg/CO2 over the next 20 years.


LED lightning

As we are always trying to make small but measured steps towards becoming greener, we have also embarked on a transition to LED lighting, whilst also reviewing all of our suppliers to ensure green credentials are given due consideration.


Genuine commitment to be more sustainable

Commenting on these sustainability efforts, our Director, Aliyyah-Begum Nasser, said: “Installing the electric car charging ports was an obvious next step at Askham as we can see how important it is for us to play our part in encouraging more drivers to opt for electric vehicles. It’s important that we support the use of carbon conscious transport and demonstrate to those visiting that we have a genuine commitment to being more sustainable. This commitment is also evidenced by the solar farm that sits next to our care centre, which allows us to significantly reduce our imported energy consumption and utilise the latest sustainable technologies.”


New mindset in the social care sector

Talking about the impact that the health and social care sector has on the environment, as well as about the need of switching the mindset of all involved in this domain, Aliyyah continued: “There is something very rewarding about generating your own renewable energy and given the soaring costs of energy, this has been a particularly valuable asset over the past few months. The environmental impact of social care is significant, with all the PPE and packaging we are responsible for using. Therefore, it’s important we offset this in whatever way we can — it really is a shared responsibility and something we simply cannot ignore. Something as simple as remembering to switch off lights and limiting wasted water use can have a huge impact over time and this is a mindset we all need to adopt if real progress is going to be made.”


Askham is a family-run community that always puts the resident at the heart of its operation. Whether they are visiting for the day, receiving long-term or respite care, or even specialist rehabilitation — each individual can expect a personal experience within a compassionate care environment.

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