Askham Village Community’s state-of-the-art neurological services have a proven track record of achieving excellent patient outcomes. The powerful combination of nurse-led care with a ‘mind and body’ focus has seen Askham become a centre of choice for both intense, goal-focussed and slow stream rehabilitation.

Set in seven stunning acres in rural Cambridgeshire, Askham Village Community is a group of five specialist care homes with on-site services and amenities that are designed to make the whole place feel like a small, friendly village in which to live. Facilities include a café, shop, beautiful landscaped gardens, a state-of the-art physiotherapy gym and a hydrotherapy pool.

Three of the five care homes offer a specialist, outcome-based rehabilitation environment for everyone from the young, to the very elderly. Providing round the clock care for people with long-term neurological needs as well as offering leading neurorehabilitation for spinal cord and acquired brain injury. Perhaps most striking though, is that the team at Askham recognise that rehabilitation is a practice that must incorporate and support human values and compassion to be a success. And offering emotional and spiritual sustenance is as important to the team as the outstanding physical and mental care every resident receives.

“For true rehabilitation,” says Aliyyah Nasser, whose family has owned and operated the facility at Askham for over 30 years, “we must care for more than the body – we must also care for the mind, the heart and the soul.”

You need only look around to see that the extensive gardens and stunning courtyard are the heart of the community at Askham, and play a pivotal role in this modern approach to recovery and care. Understanding that access to nature is vital for mental and physical wellbeing, each of the five specialist homes overlooks the ‘World Gardens’. Exotic plants and flowers and cultural designs from around the world bring sights, sounds and smells gently into everyday life. “Nature is so good for us,” continues Nasser, “it can help to ease away tension, calm a busy mind and soothe the soul. Sights, sounds and smells in the garden can trigger happy memories and remind us of wonderful experiences.”

As well as access to the outdoor space and a personal garden plot, every room has a large, landscape window by the bed which looks out over beautiful scenery. So, no matter the weather or the time of year, residents can watch as the seasons bring subtle changes in colour, texture and wildlife. The gardens are also open to public and visitors will often meet and chat to residents. “It’s just one of the many ways in which we encourage integration with the wider community,” adds Nasser.

The value of community is highly prized at Askham. The team pride themselves on enabling residents to live and interact with as much independence and freedom as their condition allows. This means so much more than just providing the very best in nurse-led care throughout each of the homes on-site. It means giving residents the opportunity to make friends, socialise and receive visitors. It means having outdoor spaces and leisure facilities. It means feeling safe and secure with a sense of independence and being at home.

A testament to its truly holistic approach, Askham Village Community is a proudly accredited member of Headway, the brain injury association. All 90+ residents have access to the highly-skilled Multi-Disciplinary Therapists (MDT) on-site. Working closely with General Practitioners and Assessment Teams, the MDT design and implement the most appropriate and outcome-based rehabilitation programme for each resident. Programmes include such inputs as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Psychology, as well as specialist Medical input where needed.

Started by Mr and Mrs Giga in the eighties, Askham has been built on the family values of social conscience, kindness and generosity. It’s clear that Aliyyah, who now looks after the operations of the organisation, intends to keep it that way.

“Our family has always been committed to delivering excellence in advanced care and rehabilitation in a warm, friendly environment. Askham Village is a community in every sense of the word; it’s a place we would (and do!) happily live ourselves.”

For more information about types of outcome-based rehabilitation, care and lifestyle that Askham Village Community provides, call 01354 740269 or email