At Askham Village Community, we’re taking some time to recognise the work done by our team members as today we are celebrating International Nurses Day.


Happy International Nurses Day to all the Askham nurses and to all working in the social care sector! We’re so happy to celebrate this, as we continue to encourage our workforce to pursue their dreams and enhance their skills.

Keep reading our article to discover the experience had by one of our team members who has been newly qualified as a nurse:


Our Team: Providing Excellent Services

We’re so proud of our dedicated team, as they ensure our residents are safe and that we continue to provide excellent care across all our services.

International Nurses Day is one of those days when we take the time to reflect on all the good aspects of working as a nurse within the Askham team. One of those good aspects is the possibility to grow within the team by enhancing different skills.


Enhancing Skills: Ejiro Edewor’s Story

Ejiro Edewor, one of our nurses who works as part of the Askham Rehab team (part of Askham Village Community), is one of our team members who has been newly qualified as a nurse. She completed her nurse training in July 2022 and on receipt of her NMC Pin she commenced working at Askham Village Community in October of the same year.

About her experience as a newly qualified nurse, Ejiro says: “I was excited to take the skills and knowledge developed during my training and move into the profession as a practitioner. Since commencing at Askham, I have worked in Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation and also in supporting those with Long Term Neurological conditions; both areas are very special places to work for and a privilege to be involved in.”

“I am really enjoying the continuous learning and the possibility to enhance my skills, the training has been great and then the support by my colleagues continuing to help hone these skills. I’m grateful to the team I get to work with each day and I love getting to know my residents and what they holistically require from me.”

About the possibility to progress in this career, Ejiro mentions:”My ambition at this stage is to develop into a practitioner who is skilled enough to be able to support with all clinical intervention of what my residents require from me.”


Diversity and Inclusion: Core Values for Us

At Askham, our managerial team works together with each member of our staff to help them develop skills in their area of interest. The care and rehab teams are at the core of everything that we do here at Askham and together with them, we make sure our services are fitted to the individual needs of our residents.

Reflecting on the work done by the rehab team, Luke Cook, our Head of Rehab and Nursing, says: “I am beyond words to share how proud I am of the team for what they achieve with: their residents, their teams and individually.”

“The decision to become a nurse is often a decision that comes from the heart, and I can confidently say that those I have the privilege to work with are all working from the heart. Happy International Nurses Day!”

International Nurses Day is also about celebrating the diversity that is present within our team. We are so happy to have among us so many people from across the world, as they add to the cultural diversity that is highly promoted here and which is a core value for us.

Thinking from this perspective, our Head of Care and Nursing, Esther Johnson, says thanks to all international nurses working at Askham: “Thank you to all international nurses for taking the bold step to leave their loved ones, travelling across the ocean to share their skills and knowledge with others in a new land.”

“Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and compassion, providing excellent care to our residents daily with smiles and laughter. I appreciate you; we all appreciate you.”


If you want to read more about how we promote cultural diversity across Askham, please read our article from last year when we celebrated International Nurses Day.

At Askham, we’re always welcoming new residents and staff into our growing community. For further information, please contact 01354 740269 or visit our website.