At our Cambridgeshire care home and rehab centre, we are very happy to have been able to reopen our doors to the large public for the annual Summer Fayre. This is the first Summer Fayre kept on the Askham grounds after the pandemic.


Read below to find out more about our most recent edition of the Summer Fayre:


The Summer Fayre at our Cambridgeshire care home and rehab centre

On 26th August, we opened our doors to the wider community to be able to celebrate with us the end of summer. This is the first big summer event held on the Askham grounds after the pandemic.

After some years of absence due to the pandemic, we are very proud to have been able to organise a new edition of the Summer Fayre, one of the most important events that happen annually on the Askham grounds and to which all members of the public are invited.


The tradition of the Summer Fayre

Having been transformed into a tradition by the founders of the organisation, the Askham Summer Fayre is a free community event where all members of the public are invited, no matter their age. Having been postponed from July to August 2023 due to bad weather conditions, the event took place on the 26th and was very much enjoyed by the public, as many have expressed their gratitude on our Facebook page.


The best edition yet of the Summer Fayre

After the pandemic, our Activities team together with some other key team members involved in organising the event wanted to provide an unforgettable experience to everyone present.

On the day, many stalls and activities were brought onsite, including: food trucks with sweets and snacks, tens of stalls presenting different products of various local businesses, various activities to be enjoyed by all members of the family and even an entire inflatable playground area that has rapidly become the main attraction of the fayre. From crafts to tombola, donations and various competitions, everyone got the chance to be creative and even win some amazing prizes. Apart from all the stalls, the large public admired an American décor that included a car, took photos at the photo booth studio organised outdoors and the children even enjoyed getting painted or tattooed by artists.

Reflecting on the importance of this event for the entire community, the Operations Manager of Askham, Mavrick Feast says: “We always highlight how important the value of community is for all of us here at Askham. But what could be the best way to express this than by inviting our wider community on the Askham grounds? We are so happy to have seen on the day so many of our residents and their relatives, team members and their families, friends and many other members of the large public enjoying the fayre. This is how we measure the success of the fayre. We couldn’t be more thankful, as these are the moments we value the most.”


Showing gratitude towards everyone supporting the event

The success of the event was also guaranteed through many of the generous donations that Askham has received throughout the months prior to the event. From the hampers donated by relatives of the Askham residents to the complete garden set donated by Kelly in the Community and the champagne donated by Thomas Ridley Foodservice, all these prizes were won on the day by the members of the public participating in the tombola. At the end of the day, Askham raised over £1000 through all the activities that happened across the site, including games, competitions, book donations, tombola, stalls and the Askham café. As announced by the Activities team, the entire sum will be used to organise various trips and activities for the Askham residents.

The next big event: Askham Xmas Fayre

As the Summer Fayre ended, Askham Village Community has already announced the stall holders and local businesses present at the event that the next important event that is going to take place on the Askham grounds is the Xmas Fayre. Being the other tradition held onsite for a long period, this year’s edition is going to take place on 2nd December when the team promise to bring many novelties.

Talking about the Xmas Fayre, Mavrick says: “We have already started preparing for the Xmas Fayre and we are so excited for what is about to come. We know it’s only September but we want to make sure everything’s ready for December. We will have many novelties and we can’t wait to share them with the large public.”

For the moment, Askham is inviting stall holders to book their places at the event. The big announcement regarding the fayre has recently made for the large public. As always, the entrance to this event is going to be free of charge. For more details regarding the Xmas Fayre, you can visit the event’s page or their website.

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