Spinal Cord Injury


Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can be a debilitating injury usually caused by an accident. The spinal cord, which passes through and is protected by the spine, is the pathway that enables communications between the brain and almost all parts of the body. Depending upon the severity of the injury and where along the spine it occurs, the symptomatic impact will vary from client to client.

Askham Village Community’s on-site Therapy Centre plays a key role in the relief necessary for sufferers. The centre has extensive reablement and rehabilitation facilities; these include a well equipped Physiotherapy Gym and a Hydrotherapy Pool.

In the majority of cases, once initial impact and injury has been assessed and stabilised, a structured reablement programme will allow individual clients to improve upon their mobility, independence and for in-patient clients the potential for a quicker return to home.

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