Dementia Care


Askham Village Community’s dementia services are designed to ensure effective coping mechanisms and are employed through encouraging, for example, social interaction or ‘teaching’ basic life skills where appropriate. Where family members live in reasonable close proximity, they are encouraged to participate in the design of care for the client.

Activities for our residents are wide and varied, allowing choice based on a combination of personal interest and assessed needs of the client.

Complex Dementia Care

Quite often Dementia may be at its early stages or perhaps combined with other physical or neurological disorders which may be advanced or at their early state of development. The facilities at Askham Village Community allow for these complex cases of care to a quality level that is unrivalled.

Basic principles of quality of care are abided by the qualified staff in ensuring dignity, respect and love at all times. Regular assessment of the client ensures that the care provided is person centred at all times within any of our residencies.

Askham Village Community’s Dementia Care is based on current research and continuous staff training. Rest assured that your loved one, friend or relative is getting the best care possible.

Please contact us to make an appointment of a non-committal discussion.


Dementia is a general term used to describe a range of illnesses with a variety of symptoms that affect the brain. There are many kinds of dementia but the most common are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. What all types of dementia have in common is that they damage brain cells, so that the brain cannot work as well as it should.

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