Acquired Brain Injury


Acquired Brain Injury is a catch-all phrase used for injury to the brain caused after birth – this may be effects of the birth. The type of injury to the brain may then further define the impairment and term related to the same, for example a stroke, an accident or a tumour.

The severity of the brain injury determines the treatment and management of the patient immediately after the injury occurs, following which a longer term assessment is made for reablement and rehabilitation.

Askham Village Community staff work closely with the residents’ General Practitioner and the assessment teams in defining the rehab package most appropriate to the person and their goals. This is done in consultation with multi-disciplinary support teams, to ensure provision is appropriate and timely, as well as the client and close relatives.

Our on-site Leisure & Therapy Centre plays a key role in the relief necessary for sufferers through its extensive reablement and rehabilitation facilities. These include a Physiotherapy Gym, a Hydrotherapy Pool and stunning landscaped gardens. The Centre is staffed by professional physiotherapy personnel.

Askham Village Community is able to cater to varying severity of brain injury with fully equipped modern accommodation.

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