Welcome to Team Building Month at Askham!

This is our ninth themed month, Team Building. Our ethos encapsulates the idea of ‘team’ inside it from the very beginning: we are a community. And because we are a community, we respect each other. Team Building Month is dedicated to our staff members, who work together to create a pleasant environment for the residents through communication, dignity, respect and action.

Team Building Month was chosen to represent November in order to anticipate all the work that our entire team is doing in preparing for the festive season. All members of our community work together to ensure that each activity that we plan for December is well organised; everybody has a role which is very important within the team. 

During this month, while preparing for all the upcoming events, we need to focus on team building in order to make sure that each and every individual understands their role and asks for help when they need it. Team Building Month is about communityhelporganisationempathy and collaboration. For a splendid festive month with positive feedback, we primarily need a solid understanding of the principles of a team. The key principle is that each individual is unique and adds a bonus to the entire team through their ideas.


Our posters are designed to emphasise key principles when discussing about Team Building.



Team Building Month is not intended to be a training programme. Askham staff will receive training on site and these posters are to be considered just guidelines for good practice. Askham Village Community is not responsible for any misunderstandings caused by this event. For information regarding training, please visit www.avctraining.net.