Welcome to Record Keeping/ DP Month at Askham!

This is our fifth themed month, Record Keeping/ DP Month. Here at Askham we know that good record keeping means good communication. We work together to ensure that by keeping record of everything according to guidance staff and residents aren’t at risk. Care records are comprehensive, accurate, clear, and free from unauthorised abbreviation. 
Askham Village Community adheres to the benchmarks for Record Keeping described in the NHS Essence of Care brochure. We must ensure that:
  1. Our residents benefit from records that promote communication and high quality care.
  2. Our residents are able to access their care records in a format that meets their needs.
  3. Our residents have a single, lifelong, multi-professional care record which supports integrated care.
  4. Our residents’ care records demonstrate that their care is evidence-based.
  5. Our residents’ care records are safeguarded.

Importance of Staff

Staff have an important role when discussing about record keeping. They receive on site training to ensure they understand the importance of record keeping. Furthermore, updating and referring to record keeping whenever is necessary is as important as keeping them. In this way, staff are competent to create, use and maintain care records, including the ability to keep accurate, comprehensive care records. All relevant staff utilises a single care record for one resident to provide consistency and continuity of care. Staff discuss and agree with residents what they are going to write in the care record. Staff ensure that residents’ care records demonstrate their care follows evidence-based guidance and any variance from this is explained. Agreement needs to be reached between staff on evidence-based documentation. Staff have to make sure that all records are safeguarded.


Please check this valuable free training resources which are linked to Record Keeping/DP Month:


Our posters are designed to emphasise key principles when discussing about Record Keeping/ DP.


Record Keeping/ DP Month is not intended to be a training programme. Askham staff will receive training on site and these posters are to be considered just guidelines for good practice. Askham Village Community is not responsible for any misunderstandings caused by this event. For information regarding Care training, please visit www.avctraining.net.