Welcome to Confidentiality Month at Askham!

This is our third themed month, Confidentiality. Confidentiality is included in one of the principles of our ethos and is a huge responsibility that we have for our residents. They must be able to trust each member of staff with their lives and health.  They are able to do so when each member of staff shows respect for human life and also when our practice meets the standards of confidentiality.

We must maintain confidentiality at all times and that’s why this theme is so important to us. Thank you to the entire team for doing everything you can to maintain this confidentiality. 


Please check this valuable free training resources which are linked to Confidentiality Month:


Our posters are designed to emphasise key principles when discussing about Confidentiality.


Confidentiality Month is not intended to be a training programme. Askham staff will receive training on site and these posters are to be considered just guidelines for good practice. Askham Village Community is not responsible for any misunderstandings caused by this event. For information regarding our training, please visit www.avctraining.net.