Very sad to share that our beautiful, iconic Beech tree, that has stood watch over Askham House for the last three decades, is going to be felled next week.

Unfortunately, the tree is suffering from a fungal infection called Meripilus Giganteus and cannot be saved. This fungus has decayed the roots and will cause the tree to fall over – maybe tomorrow, maybe in five years’ time. And being so close to the Askham buildings, home to many vulnerable adults, it’s a risk we can’t take. The work will be undertaken by expert Tree Surgeon, Adam Quant, Bsc(Hons) Forestry, of N.J. Pacey Landscaping.

With winter well and truly on the way, the only sensible decision is to fell our faithful sentry before a storm does it for us in a much less dignified way.

The good news is, none of our other iconic trees have been affected and they all continue to stand in good health. Birds are no longer nesting and come spring, they’ll find a new place to call home, hopefully in another of the many trees at Askham!

Maintaining our ecosystem is very important to us and we continually plant new trees and flowers across our seven-acre site. Next year, once the winter has passed, you will see a vast array of new greenery across the grounds.

Amidst the logical decision making, I’m reminded of the delicate cycle of life. Here at Askham, we recuperate, rehabilitate and give a new lease of life to many residents. And we also comfort and support people in their final days, easing their natural passing from this life as best we can. I’m grateful for the opportunity to pause and reflect on our place in the cycle of life. A final gift from our old friend the Askham Beech.