Welcome to Behaviours That Challenge Month at Askham!

This is our tenth themed month, Behaviours That Challenge. This month topic is a sensitive one, that’s why is so important to understand the key principles behind this matter. What we do at Askham is to support people and to understand why someone acts in a specific manner. The behaviours that challenge can be often seen in people with health problems that affect communication and the brain, such as learning disabilities or dementia (www.nhs.uk). As part of our ethos, we make sure to understand why a certain person acts in a specific manner and we try to find the best possible solutions in order to help that person in need.

Behaviours That Challenge means for our entire team a month to reflect at how best practices are used in order to make our residents feel safe, respected and understood. In a way, Behaviours That Challenge Month is a synthesis of almost all the themes discussed this year:

  • Dignity in Care – each resident must be treated in a dignified and respected manner, no matter their condition
  • Confidentiality  –  staff must respect and preserve the standards of confidentiality in the case of each resident, no matter their condition
  • Equality and Diversity – all residents are treated in an equal manner, no matter if they have a challenging behaviour or not
  • Record Keeping – for the residents that have behaviours that challenge, recording keeping is as important as to any other resident
  • Safeguarding – residents with behaviours that challenge are to be kept safe from any abuse or neglect
  • Mental Capacity – residents with behaviours that challenge must be helped to make the right decision for themselves
  • Team Building – all members of our staff must ensure that best practices are respected at all times and  that they work together to maintain them


Our posters are designed to emphasise key principles when discussing about Behaviours That Challenge.


Behaviours That Challenge Month is not intended to be a training programme. Askham staff will receive training on site and these posters are to be considered just guidelines for good practice. Askham Village Community is not responsible for any misunderstandings caused by this event. For information regarding training, please visit www.avctraining.net.