Project Sunflower

We’re excited about what will be developing at 13 Benwick Road, Doddington over the coming months… The plans include:

  • An internal refurb of Askham House to best suit the needs of providing nursing and dementia care for the elderly
  • A new state-of-the-art home which will initially be resided in by our Askham House residents but will be designed for eventual neuro-rehabilitation purposes
  • An onsite staff hub which will include a training centre as well as staff accommodation

If you would like to be part of our Focus Group and input to key decisions about the development please email us at

Many of you have asked with some concern when Askham House will be demolished – please do not worry. We are not demolishing the entire house, only the stable blocks. The works to the main House will be predominantly internal.

We still have some time before any work takes place in the House – our first priority is to build another home at Askham Community Village so that our Residents can stay with us, out of harms way, while the refurbishment takes place. This will be staffed by the same team and run in exactly the same way as Askham House to minimise the disruption and the change for Residents. Much more information will follow in due course as it is still very early days. Any questions or concerns please do pop into Askham Community Village or drop us a line at

The Askham Avenue is close to all our hearts… the only avenue in Doddington and a feature that endears Askham Community Village to all who visit.

We have been keeping a close eye on the diggers to make sure they don’t over do it – they are clearing enough space to create the large car park but at the same time looking after the trees and roots so that the avenue remains long into the future.

Speaking of which, thank you to everyone for their patience and tolerance with the big lorries going through Doddington and up and down Askham Community Village driveways. We hope you will agree that the now completed new car parks have made it worth it! We are pleased to tell you that there are now 50% more parking spaces on site… yippee!

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