Askham Village Community has launched a new project aimed at keeping excellence in care, rehab and life at the front of our minds.

Our innovative programme is making sure that staff are not only trained and up to date with the latest principles on a particular theme selected for each month, but they can also apply this learning in their work contexts. The learning themes are relevant to the needs of each home and we hope they will have immediate impact on the staff and residents. The chosen themes are reinforced by AVC Training, our learning centre (find all the available courses offered by AVC here).

As our goal is to make sure that our staff are able to apply their learning in their workplace, we consider it necessary to make training enjoyable and captivating. Through this programme, we will select key principles for each theme, create posters that will be placed across Askham and keep updating our social media channels and our website. At the end of every month, staff will have the chance to participate in quiz to test their knowledge and to win £25!


January is Fire Safety Awareness Month at Askham

January was chosen to become the Fire Safety Awareness Month for many reasons:

  • The safety of our staff and residents is our number one priority
  • Askham Grove, recently built and opened, has recently had a visit from the Fire Officer and was given a big thumbs up – we wanted to celebrate this. 😊
  • We recently invested in Fire Marshall training for a larger number of staff than previously. Again, we want to celebrate this and share it widely as we are proud of our team
  • In the event of a Fire, people react instinctively and that’s why it’s important to brush up on key principles
  • Fire Safety procedures change from time to time, so updates are necessary

We know that fire safety is so important and can sometimes become complicated to explain, especially in circumstances like Askham where every resident has specialist needs and may react in different ways in the event of a Fire. We need to balance the safety of staff and residents, and also get comfortable with the safety elements that are designed into the building (fire doors, evacuation routes etc).

Fire Safety is much more than just the principles in the posters and in the quiz. AVC Training provides full training for Fire Safety Awareness and Health and Safety in order to make sure that your staff is always up-to-date with the latest procedures and they know what to do in the event of a Fire.

Have a look at our Learning page to see all the details about our Fire Safety Awareness Month! And for all the members of Askham team, good luck with the January quiz and keep learning!