As we head into winter and the second wave of coronavirus infections, it remains to be seen how effective the Government’s 3-tier restrictions will be and how long this wave will last, but, despite this, I am cautiously optimistic about the fate of care homes in the second wave.

First and foremost – we know the PPE is working. In April, in my county of Cambridgeshire, over 50 homes were directly impacted by Covid-19 infections which were actively transmitted between staff and residents. Today, not only are fewer homes experiencing the virus directly, but those with positive cases are successfully managing to contain transmission, so ‘exposure’ does not become ‘outbreak’. This must be applauded.

Secondly – we continue to be blessed with the most dedicated, selfless workforce. Come what may, care workers and nurses that I come across are bravely demonstrating their resilience in the face of whatever the future holds.

Halloween, birthdays, even Christmas… we are grateful that while most people in the country are celebrating these milestones in groups of six or less, we are fortunate to be able to celebrate these events as one big extended family of staff and residents.

The old adage, what doesn’t break you will only make you stronger rings true.


Column done by Aliyyah Begum-Nasser, Director at Askham Village Community, for Care Home Management Magazine, November 2020.