COVID-19 Updates

Staying safe as things change


Information correct as at 1st March 2021


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In line with the latest government guidance, as well as our most recent Relatives meeting and survey we have reviewed our visitors policy and are pleased to share that we will be recommencing visits from 22nd February 2021.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us and supported us as our policy has evolved to take heed of the unfolding situation across the UK and also specifically at Askham.

Caring for all at Askham: Visiting policy

For relatives:

From 22nd February 2021 we are pleased to be able to welcome pre-booked visits of up to 20 minutes. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Visits are to be booked with the Lead Nurse of the relevant unit
  • The visitors briefing document (available below) must be signed on arrival
  • Visits will not be restricted to a specific day, but will be at the Lead Nurse discretion so as to manage total numbers and ensure cleaning can be undertaken satisfactorily
  • On arrival, visitors are asked to go directly to the relevant area for visiting. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled visit.
  • We ask all visitors to wear a face mask and use the hand sanitiser available on arrival.
  • Toilets and café facilities will not be available for visitors
  • We regret that refreshments will not be available
  • Visits will take place in one of three formats. Which will apply to you will be determined by risk assessment – we will select the lowest risk option that is practical in light of you and your residents’ circumstances. Note: This is a change from previous policy where relatives could visit downstairs bedrooms through the external door. This is not permitted at this time.
    • Outdoor visit in one of two specially installed gazebos
    • Doorway visit at the external doorway to the residents bedroom where there is one, or at the external doorway to the designated visitor space for the home
    • Indoor visit in a designated visitor room
  • Designated areas in each home are as follows and have been selected on the basis of having different entry doors for residents / relatives:
    • Askham Court: Sensory room [visitors use the entrance from the courtyard]
    • Askham Grove: Downstairs red lounge [visitors use the entrance from the back of Grove, follow the path round]
    • Askham Hall: Function Suite [visitors use the entrance from the courtyard]
    • Askham House: Downstairs dining room [visitors use the entrance from the garden, accessed through the courtyard]
    • Askham Place: Conservatory [visitors use the entrance from the courtyard behind the laundry]
  • Designated areas have been set up with screens and wipe clean chairs at a suitable distance for the safety of all


Any resident who may need special arrangements outside of this policy to facilitate visits will need to be addressed on a case by case basis. If you think this applies to you, please liase with the Manager and a risk assessed approach to visiting will be explored.



    For professionals:

    We are limiting the number of people entering into resident quarters within each unit on site which means restricting visits – especially by those who have high exposure to other care settings or in hospitals. If you are unsure if a planned visit to Askham is essential, please ring ahead. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

    We are arranging many meetings to take place by video or phone conference.


    Reducing risk of spreading infection: Public access

    The café at Askham will be closed until further notice.

    Large gatherings / events at Askham are being put on hold for the current time. This includes Relatives meetings which are being planned to take place virtually.



    A reminder of safe practice

    Please wash hands for 20 seconds regularly.

    Avoid direct contact with other people – wherever possible remain at 2m. Wear a face mask if you anticipate coming within 2m of other people.  


    Please do not visit Askham if:

    • In the last 14 days, you have come into contact with anyone who has confirmed positive for the virus
    • You yourself have had a fever, a cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste at any time during the last 10 days
    • Any member of your family has had a fever, a cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste at any time during the last 10 days


    Please ring 111 and visit the Public Health England or NHS websites for advice.