At Askham Village Community, we’re always keen to show gratitude to our valued nurses for the amazing work they do, and the positive difference they make to the lives of others.


12th May marks International Nurses Day, and so, naturally, we’re taking the opportunity to shine a light on our care team and the hard work they dedicate – and particularly for their efforts over the past year.

We’re incredibly proud of the compassion and commitment that our specialist nurses show on a daily basis; so, we spoke with them to discover just why they love what they do.


Firstly, we spoke to Sherin, one of our registered nurses at Askham. Sherin has been part of our family since 2015, and has played an integral role in ensuring the comfort and happiness of our residents.

When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Sherin said: “Seeing a smile on the residents’ faces, and that of their families… That’s very special.”

We also took the time to speak with Anju, the lead nurse at Askham House, who told us all about her favourite parts of working with our team: “The best part is that Askham is like a family to me. The management, the staff, the residents; all of them are family to me, and that’s the reason I’m actually here.”

When talking about the most rewarding part of her job, Anju said: “For me, it’s mainly the feedback I get from the residents and my staff. I feel so happy when the residents do something for me, like making me a birthday card. I am here for the residents, and I will always be here for the residents; that’s my priority.”

Marylin, our lead nurse at Askham Grove, also spoke to us about her favourite parts of working with the Askham team for International Nurses Day: “For me, I would say the rehabilitation side of it; where the residents can go back into the community and back with their families. That’s really an achievement.”

On behalf of everyone at Askham Village Community, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our amazing team of nurses for the hard work and diligence they give to ensure that our residents live happy and fulfilling lives.

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Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about our care, take a few minutes to browse our website or contact a member of our team, who would be more than happy to help.

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