Miss J’s travel from a severe acquired brain injury to the possibility of doing your own make-up


Miss J arrived at Askham Village Community after suffering a severe acquired brain injury from being hit by a car. Miss J engaged in Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology.

On arrival to Askham Village Community, Miss J was wheelchair bound, relied on two carers for all aspects of personal care, struggled with any expression and appeared to have a flattened mood. Miss J also struggled with aspects of memory recall (delayed and immediate) and had a very short attention span meaning she was unable to concentrate for any significant length of time.

Miss J’s main goals were to be able to return to education and to be able to walk.

The psychology team began work around Miss J’s attention and memory, through regular weekly psychology sessions. At the end of her time at Askham, and after re-testing of all cognitive aspects, Miss J’s delayed and immediate memory recall had improved significantly and was using consistent strategies to aid in remembering things. Miss J’s attention also improved and was able to concentrate on a particular task for 55 minutes consistently. Miss J was encouraged to continue using attention focused apps on her tablet whilst at home. Miss J was also able to express different emotions more effectively and began making jokes and laughing a lot more, her family stated that she was “starting to become more of her cheeky self again”.

The physiotherapy team worked consistently on Miss J’s weight distribution through her weaker side, balance, stretching of left leg, and walking. At the time of discharge, Miss J was able to walk short distances with a frame with assistant of two.

Miss J engaged fully in all aspects of her rehabilitation and over time became more and more independent. Miss J began self-propelling in her wheelchair, making her own breakfast in the morning and also began doing her make-up. Miss J was discharged home, with the family looking into personal tutoring to prepare Miss J for education. Miss J made excellent progress in all aspects of therapy, but still had potential for further progress upon discharge and so is continuing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in the community.


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