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Salma S Giga

Finance Director

Salim Giga Askham Village Community

Salim and Salma Giga are founders of the now Askham Village Community Ltd – the then Askham Care Homes Ltd.  It is a family business which began operating in Cambridgeshire in the late 1980s as a single residential care home with just over 20 residents. Now, after 30 years, it is a thriving community of 5 individual homes providing a range of services for the elderly and the young – 111 residents in total.

Their vision of “giving back to society” has, slowly but surely, come into fruition. As parents they are grateful, fortunate and very proud that their daughter Aliyyah Nasser who joined the business in 2011 is now the face of Askham.

Salim is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer by profession but has worked in the printing and imaging industry for over 40 years and continues to do so.

Salma and Salim, like everyone in their family, have instilled within them by their parents, the concept of volunteerism and find time in between work and family to give off themselves to others within the community and society at large – for the community’s and society’s betterment and wellbeing.


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