COVID-19 Updates

Staying safe as things change


Information correct as at 18th October 2021


Superheroes work here

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us and supported us as our policy has evolved to take heed of the unfolding situation across the UK and also specifically at Askham.

Caring for all at Askham: Visiting policy

For relatives:

Following our relatives survey and the relatives meeting on 26th July 2021 our visitors policy for relatives effective 2nd August 2021 is now as follows:

  • Residents can have upto five people from one household visiting at any one time, and of these five at least one person should be a Named visitor, known to Askham, who has attended the Askham Infection Control training
  • Visits should be pre booked with the relevant home
  • There is no fixed cap on the length of the visit, nor how frequently you may visit, however we ask visitors to respect the wishes of the nurse on the shift who will manage visits according to the needs at the time
  • Visitors should provide evidence of a negative LFT test taken on the day of the visit and will have their temperature checked on arrival to ensure no high fever is present
  • Visitors will be expected to wear PPE and have limited close contact during the visit
  • Refreshments will not be provided by the home
  • Visits will be unsupervised
  • Doors and windows should remain open as much as possible


We will continue to have nominated essential visitors where these are required to meet the clinical needs of the resident. Essential visitors will be able to visit the home as frequently as is wished by the resident, including during an outbreak, and will be required to perform twice weekly LFTs and once weekly PCRs are required.


Lateral Flow Testing:

Tests can be accessed from a local pharmacy or by ordering them online here. Walk in centres are also being set up in various places. More details on testing sites etc is here. Results for any tests taken should be logged here. A positive result should be checked with a PCR test, and the individual must commence isolation and follow government guidelines. Please do not come to Askham if you have had a positive result.


Infection Control training:

This is required by all Named Visitors and Essential Visitors to Askham. Training can be booked with Michelle Barker (


Infection Control training (dates):


  • Tuesday 12th October 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 19th October 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 26th October 6-7pm


  • Tuesday 2nd November 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 9th November 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 16th November 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 23rd November 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 30th November 6-7pm


  • Tuesday 7th December 6-7pm
  • Tuesday 21st December 6-7pm

January 2022

  • Tuesday 4th January 6-7pm

Toilets and refreshments:

Each home will make a toilet available to essential and named visitors, however please only use these facilities if needed. Refreshments will continue to not be available to visitors.

We will continue to review our visitors policy accordingly and will keep you updated. Can we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation and look forward to welcoming you back to Askham.



For professionals:

We are limiting the number of people entering into resident quarters within each unit on site which means restricting visits – especially by those who have high exposure to other care settings or in hospitals. If you are unsure if a planned visit to Askham is essential, please ring ahead. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

We are arranging many meetings to take place by video or phone conference.


Reducing risk of spreading infection: Public access

The café at Askham will be closed until further notice.

Large gatherings / events at Askham are being put on hold for the current time. This includes Relatives meetings which are being planned to take place virtually.



A reminder of safe practice

Please wash hands for 20 seconds regularly.

Avoid direct contact with other people – wherever possible remain at 2m. Wear a face mask if you anticipate coming within 2m of other people.  


Please do not visit Askham if:

  • In the last 14 days, you have come into contact with anyone who has confirmed positive for the virus
  • You yourself have had a fever, a cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste at any time during the last 10 days
  • Any member of your family has had a fever, a cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste at any time during the last 10 days


Please ring 111 and visit the Public Health England or NHS websites for advice.