COVID-19 Updates

Working together to keep all at Askham safe and sane


Information correct as at 25th May 2020


Superheroes work here

 We are working hard to keep all staff and residents at Askham safe and have put in place a number of control measures to minimise the risk of infection at Askham. At times like this we seek support from all those who are part of the wider Askham community to respect these policies.

We also encourage all members of our wider community to take a moment to reflect on the value of all those working in health and social care at this time. We salute all those working to keep people safe at this time, and we feel hopeful that by working together we can minimise the impact of this virus on our lives. Please read this reflection from one of our leads.

Please note: Askham is still accepting referrals for care and/or for rehabilitation. We have adjusted our pre-admission assessment process to be primarily phone based and have adopted strict infection control measures for deep cleans of rooms where needed. Please liase directly with Jo (for elderly and nursing care) and Priscilla (for neurological rehabilitation) for more information.


Please see here for our latest news and views on the unfolding crisis.

Please see here for some latest images of how residents are spending their time in recent days.


Caring for all at Askham: Visiting hours

For relatives:

Thank you to all of you who have sent supportive messages and who have respected the changing policies at Askham around visitors.

Following the most recent guidance from the Prime Minister, we will not be changing our current visiting policy at Askham. We continue to ask relatives please to not visit Askham.

If there is an urgent need for you to attend site, please ring and we will risk assess on an individual basis. We are committed to person-centred care and we acknowledge that there may be situations that require an exception. Please work with us on this and respect our decisions on this matter. We have advised staff to be strict with enforcing this and seek your support and cooperation. We are working hard on site to ensure resident needs continue to be met to the highest standards.

We are more than happy to provide updates and share information over the phone more frequently than we do currently. We have provided devices in each Home to facilitate Skype calls or other modes of communication.


For professionals:

We are limiting the number of people entering into resident quarters within each unit on site which means restricting non-essential visitors. If you are unsure if a planned visit to Askham is essential, please ring ahead. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

We are arranging many meetings to take place by video or phone conference.

Any meetings that do proceed in person will be held in the Quiet Lounge, downstairs in Askham Grove. There is a wash basin in an adjacent room and this corridor is accessible from an external door without having to go through resident areas.



Reducing risk of spreading infection: Public access

The café at Askham will be closed until further notice.

Large gatherings / events at Askham are being put on hold for the current time. This includes Relatives meetings.



Changes to guidance from


We are following guidance from the authorities on how to support people in our care. There has been a recent change (effective 14th March) which we are following:

  • We are now being asked only to isolate (barrier nurse) individuals who show symptoms of a fever or a cough; not those who have come into contact or have had exposure to people with symptoms.
  • Testing for the virus is now being made available for staff and/or residents who are symptomatic. We are working with the local authorities to ensure timely testing can take place where it is required.



A reminder of safe practice


Please wash hands for 20 seconds regularly, including every time you move between buildings. Avoid contact with other people wherever possible.


Please do not visit Askham if:

  • In the last 14 days, you have come into contact with anyone who has confirmed positive for the virus
  • You yourself have had a fever or a cough at any time during the last 7 days
  • Any member of your family has had a fever or a cough at any time during the last 7 days


Please ring 111 and visit the Public Health England or NHS websites for advice.